Being a Christian…

Hi guys

In this blog post I just wanted to talk about what’s it like being a Christian.

I have been a Christian since I was born as I was bought up as a Christian as the rest of my family are Christians. I love being a Christian and for me I know that there is a God and i believe that God created us and it all started with Adam and Eve.

Also as a Christian yes I do end up listening to conversations about God and other people’s view on God. I do also get asked is there a God , do I believe that there is a heaven, also I was asked the other day by someone do I think that there is a heaven for animals and I sometimes get asked about if I believe in hell. To answer those questions. Yes I do believe in all of that but I don’t believe in hell as for me I believe that everyone gets to go to heaven and I believe that there is a God who heals and does incredible things for us but some people don’t see that.

I believe that God has broken many chains and has and still does amazing things for people and for me as-well.

As when I chose to get baptised I wanted to feel refreshed and more connected with God himself as I felt I was losing connection but since then I have remained connected with God and will be for as long as I live. I also love to worship God by listening to worship songs and just feeling the Holy Spirit come down which is part of being a Christian for most of us.

For me being a Christian is the best thing about my life. It’s the best thing ever and I wouldn’t want to lose that.

My favourite verse from the bible is;

For God is there when your in trouble or when you just need to speak to someone as God does listen.

I believe that Easter time Jesus did come alive and I will worship him every time as that’s what I enjoy doing and feel more connected when worshiping.

Well that sums about me being a Christian . Sorry if doesn’t make sense.


What to post?…

Hi guys

Sorry it’s been a couple of days since I last posted but I been having writers block and not sure what to post on here.

What do you guys want me to post?

I was thinking of doing a QnA if you any one wants to know more about it me.

If you would like me to do a QnA then please comment back and let me know. But please no inappropriate questions.

Looking forward to answering your questions.

Bye for now…

Chilled Sunday

So what does everyone like to do on a Sunday afternoon?

I like to spend Sunday chilling out, watching tv or having a Sunday nap which turns in to a sleep all afternoon. Then I realise the weekend is over and have to go back to real life with college.

I think Sunday’s should be for chilling out and not having much to do.

Anyways hope everyone has had a great weekend and look out for more blog posts on this blog of mine.

Bye for now…

Been too long!…

Hi everyone

Just wanted to say sorry for not posting on here in so long. Last time I posted was March 2017 and now it’s 2018, which means for 2017 went crazy quick.

I am going to be posting again on this blog and I will try everyday to post but can’t promise it will be everyday.

Hope everyone is well and enjoyed Christmas. To be honest I miss Christmas and wish it was Christmas again 🙂

Anyways . Watch out for a new blog post coming soon.

Bye for now…

First tattoo and my experience…

So today I went for my first tattoo in Bournemouth at Bournemouth ink. 

I chose to have it on my foot and I was suprised it didn’t hurt because I thought it was going to bad pain. But I was very nervous before going in. 

I decided to get a cross on my foot as that means something to me because I am a Christian. 

To be honest I have already thought about my second tattoo. 

Here’s a bit of advice from me: if you want a tattoo think about what you would like as it will be there forever. 

Here is a photo of my tattoo which I am absolutely in love with 😍

Bye for now… 

Havnt posted in ages…

Hi guys

I say this all the time but I’m really sorry I havnt posted on here in so long that’s because I’ve been busy with college and I’ve recently got a boyfriend so been spending a lot of time with him .

I hope you guys are doing well and thank you for checking out my blog 🙂


bye for now…


Fun Easter Holidays 

Wow the Easter holidays have gone so quick. I have done some amazing trips out and see some cute animals on those trips out.

But I will be back in Bournemouth tomorrow till the next holiday. 

I am going to attach some photos from my Easter break on this blog post . 

 Thank you to those who read my blog 🙂  
Bye for now…