First tattoo and my experience…

So today I went for my first tattoo in Bournemouth at Bournemouth ink. 

I chose to have it on my foot and I was suprised it didn’t hurt because I thought it was going to bad pain. But I was very nervous before going in. 

I decided to get a cross on my foot as that means something to me because I am a Christian. 

To be honest I have already thought about my second tattoo. 

Here’s a bit of advice from me: if you want a tattoo think about what you would like as it will be there forever. 

Here is a photo of my tattoo which I am absolutely in love with 😍

Bye for now… 


Havnt posted in ages…

Hi guys

I say this all the time but I’m really sorry I havnt posted on here in so long that’s because I’ve been busy with college and I’ve recently got a boyfriend so been spending a lot of time with him .

I hope you guys are doing well and thank you for checking out my blog 🙂


bye for now…


Fun Easter Holidays 

Wow the Easter holidays have gone so quick. I have done some amazing trips out and see some cute animals on those trips out.

But I will be back in Bournemouth tomorrow till the next holiday. 

I am going to attach some photos from my Easter break on this blog post . 

 Thank you to those who read my blog 🙂  
Bye for now… 

Fun day out… 

Today has been such a fun day ! Took a road trip down to Winchester Marwell Zoo . 

Which was really fun despite the horrible rain and grey skies most of the time 

I would recommend the Marwell Zoo to anyone who loves animals . They have a great range of animals. 

I would definatly go back there. 

Here are some photos from the trip. 

Bye for now… 

Need to post more…

Hi guys 

I know I say I will try and post more but life keeps getting in the way and I have just been so busy lately with college and being back home for Easter break. 

So I am going to set myself a reminder on my phone to post atleast once or twice a week. Then if I do that, you guys will be able to see more posts. 

I am going to try and do a QnA post at some point but need to think of questions to answer for you. 

I hope you all are doing ok and look out for more posts soon , I hope 🙂 

Bye for now… 


Im back…

Hi everyone

Again I’m so sorry I have not posted on here in such a long time. College life has been busy. Im going to get some QnA questions and answer them on here so you guys can get to know me better.

Please do let me know what you would like me to post and i will post what you guys want me to, but for now I will be trying to post on here.

For now look out for the QnA post coming soon.

Bye for now…



Hi everyone

I am so bad at posting on here. Sorry for the lack of posts but I will try to remember to post more on here.

Not a lot has happened but I was thinking of doing a little Q an A post so you guys can get to know me more and things i love and do.

Im going to try and do a post showing you my record player and vinyls, so please look out for that. I will try and get it posted in the next week.

But here is a song that I have been loving

Bye for now…