I am finally starting a new school/college Tuesday coming after waiting for about 5 months with no education.

So this means I will be packing lots of things as I am staying there as its residential which is in Bournemouth. I will be there for 7 years so thats till I am 25. Which seems so far away but it will come round quickly.

I will still be posting on here but for the first couple of weeks it might just be 1 post a day as I will be learning and doing work as well as settling in to the new place. But I do come back holidays which is good.

There will be a blog post next week sometime of my house and room that i will be staying in. So look out for that.

This weekend I might not be able to post anything as I will be packing and saying goodbye to friends and my family. Also I will be having celebrations with certain people.



Bye for now…


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